About Us

We are a very young and small team of people, fascinated by the colours, art and culture of our country, especially the art of printing fabric. What drives us is the amazing amount of skill and effort that is required to make these amazing pieces of art, and our zeal to showcase the craft and hard work of the local artisans in every part of the world.

We provide with curated collection of fabrics and clothes that add glam to your style quotient, while keeping you in touch with nature & culture.


The Bagru prints, named after the art of hand block printing in bagru. Idea for the bagru prints came to while watching the artisans perform what we would refer was pure magic. From creating dyes out of things like rust and rotten fruits, to washing those in boilers made of mud. To layers of block printing by hand so precisely, to drying hundreds of yards of cloth, that one can stand in awe and look as if standing in the valley of colours, producing a result so beautiful and so unique. That was the moment, we made a decision; the world needs to see this art, this magic.



Art is an integral part of Indian culture, but in this throat cutting and quantity-based competition, hand printing is losing its sheen and its appreciators. People are forgetting the uniqueness and the beauty of it. Our aim is to keep this art & tradition alive, help artisans and return it to days of its glory.
We want people to realise every design is unique, custom, handmade, and a piece of art. Even two pieces of same design are not exactly the same. The process is long and amazing. Its colours all borrowed from nature, printed via hand making it completely free from any machines or synthetic products. These designs are true blend of traditions with modernity as they bridge the gap between old ways and latest, timeless designs.

Every design has many prototypes, before we dish out the best to you.