Aarambh | The Beginning

The Bagru Prints is an effort, a humble effort and a will to show the magic we saw to the world, from our glasses.

Glasses that don't need to be colorful, glasses that don't need to be oddly shaped, as the picture on the other side of the glasses is so beautiful, so colorful and so beautifully designed that anything that alters its true form is a hindrance.

That's what we are trying to achieve. To remove all the hindrances between you and this amazing art form.

  • Natural Dyes
  • Natural Fibers
  • Hand Printed Designs
  • Traditional Methods
  • Straight from the Source

    go natural


    We have eliminated every hindrance to provide you with pure, unadulterated and 100% handcrafted art printed on fabric, an art which not only you can admire, but can wear and get admired.

    In coming days not only will we be presenting you with fabulous designs of fabrics, but will also be providing you with more information about the various fabric printing arts of India.

    We are a small team with limited resources, but we will try our best to provide you as much as we could about the varieties, history, and techniques and we would love to hear from you.If there is anything you would want to know more or anything you would want us to explore, you are always welcome to contact us.

    It's a journey we have started from Bagru and gradually hope to cover every part of India.A journey with no destination but one goal, to make art of India reach every corner of the world, to help it achieve the respect, the acknowledgment it deserves.

    Hope you'll be with us on this journey




    Team TBP 

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